Lower Park Fisheries


1st Danny Adey 99lb

2nd Anthony Musticone 90lb 8oz

3rd John Stockton 73lb 8oz

4th Stephen Foxall 71lb 12oz

5th Adrian Davies 70lb 12oz

well done dan peg 6 abbey pool all is fish was caught shallow

Saturday 14/7/18 Park & Island Pools,

1st Scott Rhodes 83lb 8oz

2nn Anthony Musticone 70lb 12oz 

3rd Fredrick Reynolds 68lb 

4th Chris Constable 47lb 4oz 

5th Harry Taylor 46lb 4oz

Well done Scott Rhodes Peg 11 Park Pool,F1's & Carp,F1's shallow carp on paste

Wednesday 18/7/18 Willow & Abbey Pools

1st Ken Harris 116lb 12oz Willow Pool Peg 10

jt 2nd Alan Higgs & Joe Wood 84lb

3rd Anthony Musticone 82lb 4oz

4th Adrian Davis 73lb 14oz

5th Dave Atkins 67lb 12oz

Well done Ken Harris with a brillant weight on willow pool on the feeder of F1's,Both pools have fished well today some catching shallow some on paste in the edge and on the feeder

Thursday 19/7/18 West Heath Vets Park & Island Pools

1st fred reynolds 91lb 8oz park 

2nd mick trueman 62lb 8oz park

3rd barry fisher 56lb island

4th keith harding 55ib 4oz island

jt 5th alan higgs & dave lodge 48lb 8oz. park & island

Saturday 21/7/18 Park Lowland Island

1st Simon Shaw 107lb 4oz Park

2nd Fred Reynolds 90lb Lowland

3rd Adrian Davies 68lb 6oz Park

4th Brian Cochrane 55lb Lowland

5th Ian Townsend 54lb Park

6th Scott Rhodes 53lb 8oz Lowland

7th Alan Higgs 53lb Island

Well done Simon Shaw most of is fish was caught shallow and some on the pellet feeder

Wednesday 25/7/18 Abbey & Willow Pools

1st Gerry Lundy 105lb 8oz willow pool

2nd Paul Gartshore 97lb 12oz willow pool

3rd Danny Adey 95lb abbey pool

4th Rob Wood 92lb 4oz abbey pool 

5th Fred Reynolds 88lb 4oz abbey pool

6th Dave Atkins 83lb 12oz willow pool

Gerry Lundy caught most of is fish shallow

Saturday 28/7/18  Lowland & Park

1st Fred Reynolds 80lb 5oz Lowland Pool

2nd Simon Shaw 60lb 9oz  Park Pool

3rd Perry Carter 59lb 8oz Lowland Pool

4th Harry Taylor 50lb 12oz Lowland Pool

5th Mark Pincher 47lb 8oz Lowland Pool

Fred Caught on paste in the edge carp & F1's

Sunday 29/7/18 Lowland & Park West Heath Vets

1st Fred Reynolds 92lb 8oz Park Pool

2nd Stewart DeGray 58lb 10oz Lowland Pool

3rd Don Perks 50lb 8oz Lowland Pool

4th Chris Edwards 52lb Park Pool

Fred Caught On Paste In The Edge Carp & F1's

Wednesday 1/8/18 highland and pebble pools

1st Graham Green 204lb 

2nd Alan Higgs 151lb 4oz 

3rd fred reynolds 149lb 12oz 

4th ken Harris 115lb 6oz 

5th John Stockton 114lb 

6th Perry Carter 108lb 4oz 

a new lake record today on highland pool for Graham Green he caught most of is fish shallow, all the pools have fished really well with 6 weights over 100lb 5 on highland and one on pebble for Ken Harris.

Saturday 4/8/18 Abbey & Willow Pools

1st fred reynolds 124lb 1oz willow pool

2nd Brian Cochrane 114lb 12oz willow pool

3rd Simon Shaw 114lb abbey pool

4th Stephen Foxall 108lb 8oz abbey pool

5th Anthony Musticone 96lb 11oz abbey pool

Sunday 5/6/18 West Heath Vets Park Pool

1st Fred Reynolds 132lb 12oz 

2nd Graham Happy Upton 56lb 10oz 

3rd Brian Goodchild 50lb 8oz 

4th Kevin Ronald Crowley 49lb 4oz

Wednesday 8/8/18 Pebble Highland Spring Pools

1st Ian Davies 144lb 10oz Highland Pool

2nd Fred Reynolds 140lb 11oz Highland Pool

3rd Glen Ralph 127lb 15oz HighlandPool

4th Stephen Foxall 117lb 15oz  PebblePool

5th Keith Harding 113lb 13oz Spring Pool

6th Steve Roberts 106lb 10oz Highland Pool

Saturday 11/8/18 Lowland Park Pools

1st Adrian Davies 66lb 8oz Lowland Pool

2nd Ian Townsend 65lb 6oz Lowland Pool

3rd Martin Smith 63lb 14oz Park Pool

4th Les Aires 47lb 13oz Lowland Pool

5th Anthony Musticone Park Pool

Wednesday 15/8/18 Pebble Highland Spring

1st Paul Gartshore 184lb 12oz Highland Pool

2nd Anthony Musticone 120lb 8oz Pebble Pool

3rd John Stockton 118lb 6oz Pebble Pool

4th Dave Atkins 110lb 10oz Highland Pool

5th Alan Higgs 109lb 4oz Pebble Pool

6th Chris Constable 107lb 8oz Highland Pool